Stepping Stones RTC’s Volunteer Program was developed to enhance the facility's services. 

Stepping Stones RTC will allow volunteers to assist with administrative duties and

interact with the residents of Stepping Stones RTC in various areas of operation as needed.

A Volunteer is defined as a person who provides services to Stepping Stones RTC without monetary compensation. Volunteers can include sponsoring families.

Stepping Stones RTC Volunteer Program Qualifications:

 · Must be at least 21 years of age.

 . Pass all background and criminal history checks.

 . Provide documentation of current CPR / First Aid certification.                                                                                                                            

ALL applicants must complete the following to be considered for the Stepping Stones RTC Volunteer Program:

a. Complete a Stepping Stones RTC Volunteer Program application.

 b. Provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of three verifiable references, and at least one reference must have knowledge of the volunteer and how they relate and conduct themselves with children.

c. Successfully pass ALL background checks as required by DFPS - GRO Minimum Standards.

d. Adherence to Stepping Stones RTC’s Drug Policy, which includes passing a drug test before providing volunteer services.

e.Provide documentation of current TB test with a reading of “Negative”.     

 Volunteers who meet all the above requirements will be selected to interview with Stepping Stones RTC’s LCCA and Executive Director.

If the Executive Director and LCCA approve the volunteer, the LCCA will notify the volunteer of his/her work schedule and specific duties.

· Prior to contact with residents of Stepping Stones RTC ALL Volunteers must:

a.Attend an Stepping Stones RTC Daily Staff Meeting.

b. Complete ALL of  Stepping Stones RTC required trainings:

          o Stepping Stones RTC Policies, Procedures, Programs                  

          o   Fire and Health Safely Standards 

         o Reporting abuse/neglect/exploitation 

          o   Understanding Children in Care

c.  Agree to follow all rules and regulations of Stepping Stones RTC.        

d. Agree to be observed by an SST RTC staff member at all times.

e. Volunteer must agree to immediately report any suspected incident neglect, or exploitation to the Child Abuse Via DFPS Hotline(1-800-252-5400) and the LCCA, Executive Director, or designee of Stepping Stones RTC.